How does a Gift Registry Work?

Gift registries are a great tool for people to graciously ask for gifts that they actually need, and allows for gifts not to be duplicated. Weddings are the most common time for Registries, as the couple may be starting out on their own for the first time, and may need items to help create and fill their new home. Gift Registries are also convenient ways for those giving the gifts to know exactly what they need to get.

How to Set Up a Gift Registry at Kitchen Widgets

Whether you’re a new bride and groom, or are celebrating a special anniversary, having a new baby or any other unique occasion, setting up a gift registry is an easy and fun process at Kitchen Widgets. With thousands of unique items to help set up a new kitchen with everything you need, or just add to an existing kitchen’s tool supply.

To start a registry, you can contact us to book a time to come in, get set up, and be shown around by our expert staff. Then….


How to Purchase from a Gift Registry

If you are looking to purchase an item from a Gift Registry at Kitchen Widgets, you can simply come into the store, give us the name(s) that the registry should be under, and our staff will help you find the gift that suits your budget. If you can’t make it into the store due to living out of town, or other circumstances, then simply call our store, and we’ll be able to help find the gift for you.